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The EFI Folder, located in the System Partition of a Windows PC's boot drive, aids in macOS installation by mimicking a genuine Mac system. TECHNOLLI Hackintosh offers expert MacOS installation services, transforming ordinary PCs into powerful MacOS machines. Our skilled team ensures fast, efficient, and affordable installations, specializing in custom-built Hackintosh PCs with top-tier components for a seamless computing experience.
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EFI folders

What is the EFI Folder?

It is a folder that is located in the System Partition of the boot drive of a Windows PC and aids in spoofing macOS into believing we are installing the OS on a real iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook.


Get macOS Installed

TECHNOLLI Hackintosh is the go-to place for all your MacOS installation needs. Our team of skilled professionals has been installing MacOS on PC for years. We can help you turn your ordinary Windows PC into a powerful MacOS machine. Our installation process is fast, efficient and affordable. Let us create your ultimate Hackintosh setup today.

Intel, CORSAIR, GIGABYTE, and MSI are leading brands in the tech industry, known for high-performance components. TECHNOLLI integrates these reputable brands in custom-built PCs, ensuring top-tier quality and performance. From powerful Intel processors to reliable CORSAIR components, GIGABYTE motherboards, and MSI graphics cards, TECHNOLLI delivers exceptional computing solutions.
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What Our Customers Say

"I purchased an Intel processor from TECHNOLLI and I couldn't be happier with the performance. Highly recommend!"

Ed T

"TECHNOLLI's customer service is top-notch. He helped me find the perfect graphics card for my needs."

Steve C

"I always turn to TECHNOLLI for my Hackintosh upgrades and builds. Prices are very reasonable."

Robert A

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